Your reliable, secure and integral Tezos baking service.

Welcome to Tezos Wake n' Bake! Join our baking club! Enjoy a low fee, receive your rewards after each cycle! We wake n' bake for you!

Why Choose Our Baking service?

Enjoy always competitive fees

We charge 7.5% fee.

Paying after each cycle!

We will always share our delegator rewards at the beginning of each cycle!

We will be your representatives on the on-chain governance.

We will always vote according to your and our rational self-interest, we are Objectivists, if you believe in Ayn Rand philosophy. We will vote objectively, with reason above all. If you believe in reason, then you are in the right place.


We run the risk of baking for you! You keep the custody of your tezzies at all times.

Voting philosophy PLEASE SEE THE FAQS

Integrity is in our recipe

Integrity and honesty are at the core of our recipe. Sift these ingredients together with a cup of close communication with the members of our delegating club and we have our perfect dough for baking tezos.

Personalized service

To us, any delegator is important and deserve a personalized service, ask us anything and we will always respond as fast as possible.

Tezos Wake n' Bake

Your private baking club!

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