About Us

Security and Privacy

We use a Ledger Nano S for keeping the private keys safe as well as VPN and we run a private bakery because we want to offer a more personal service to our delegators. One on one communication and support is important to us. NO KYC. 


Who we are?

We are a full-time baker 100% self funded and operated. We have been engaged with the Tezos project since the beginning and for us, the most important thing is the security, trust, honesty and transparency of our service.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated professional bakers, integrity and honesty is at our very core, our mission is to empower our delegators to participate in future governance proposals and maximize their reward profits. 

Personal Service

Committed to a personalized service and close communication with our delegators.

Tezos Platform

We believe in the Tezos Project and we are committed to the growth of the Tezos platform.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, contact us at tezoswakenbake@protonmail.com

Always at your service!