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We recommend delegating through Beacon chrome extension, after downloading Beacon, please go to this link and click on Delegate Now

It will ask you to pair your wallet with beacon, you can either pair it via ledger hardware wallet or via AirGap IOS/android Wallet. We Strongly recommend AirGap Wallet app/Air Vault app to EVERYONE who doesn’t own a ledger hardware wallet, since their two apps approach make it more difficult for malicious hackers to steal your keys. 



Here is our baking address if you wish to do it manually:
If you encounter any difficulty don’t hesitate in contacting us! 



We are very committed to our delegators, we like to give the best personal treatment to them. But what really differentiate us, is that we follow the Objectivist philosophy, a philosophy to live on planet earth as Ayn Rand described. When making decisions in our governance platform We will always use objective thinking, reason based decision-making, we will never take anything by faith, dogma, emotive whims, that can result in the sacrifice of our rational self-interest or our delegators self-interest. Please come and talk to us about our governance voting philosophy in the telegram channel.

0 XTZ is the minimum delegation amount that we accept! Meaning, there is no minimum delegation amount requirement! Just keep in mind, that, if your balance is way too low, and the transaction fee required to pay your rewards exceeds the reward itself, you will not receive the reward. 

Besides having the advantage of managing server security locally, we believe running our own hardware will further help to descentralize the network. We have a linux server, uninterrupted power supply, multiple ISP’s backup, hardware wallet, virtual private networks.

We distribute all the delegators rewards using TRD software, a very special thanks to Habanoz.

We use Kiln from Obsidian Systems as our baking software, a very special thanks to them as well.

Other popular questions...

We don’t add more cycles than what the protocol requires. The Tezos protocol requires you to wait 7 cycles for delegation to take effect, then another 5 cycles for reward unlock, so in total you would need to wait 12 cycles to receive your first reward, after that you will receive your reward each cycle. 

No, delegation does not carry any risk for the delegator, we run all the risk for you. We have high security standards, even in the event of a security breach in our infrastructure, you keep ownership of your XTZ at all times.

No, we are not a scam, integrity is in our very core. We pay rewards at the beginning of EACH cycle. Many other baking services have performed exit scams to their delegators by not paying their rewards by a whole month! Telling them excuses and making them believe that they will be paid eventually. We are honest bakers and committed to our delegators. We have an impeccable track record of honesty and integrity.


Voting philosophy:

I will never vote for any expropriation of the private property of any individual, we believe the majority vote should never be used for that end or the majority can become tyrannical.

I consider a tax a partial expropriation, and an expropriation a full tax charged at 100%.

I consider inflation a tax that hits hard to all the hodlers of that money equally, any monetary emission done with the XTZ printing machine arranged and approved by the government with the intention to fund a social program (such as liquidity baking9 potentially could make the value of the XTZ hodler coins to get diluted.

Therefore, we should never abuse of inflationary taxes, our voting preference will always be, to avoid taxes as much as possible, to lower taxes, to eliminate taxes, to protect the private property and the fruit of labor of the XTZ Hodler.

I would only vote for a tax when it is truly necessary, when Tezos foundation can’t fund more development due to running out of funds, and we truly need to fund development ourselves to get a tech such as tenderbake.

Things that need perpetual funding like social programs such as liquidity baking, I might vote to try to see if funding it returns value to XTZ hodlers somehow, but if it doesn’t return any value in a period of 6 months, we, without a doubt will vote against it.

I also will never vote for tech and tax proposals that are bundled in the same proposal, they should always be unbundled into different proposals, we will not bend the knee in that regard either, will never be persuaded to vote for the tax just to get the tech.

I also will try to pursue for giving the XTZ hodler which is basically the taxpayer to have as many choices and liberties as possible when it comes about how his share of the tax is spent. Likewise, we believe the XTZ hodler should have complete control over how he wants to spend his portion of the tax without needing to have approval of any group. He should have the final say, if he wants to use the 100% of his tax share to fund 1 thing, or if he wants to fund 50% 1 thing and 50% another, or if he simply does not like any of the proposals, and he decides to burn his share of the tax in protest. We don’t believe the majority should have all that much economic power to decide to tax the XTZ holder and also to get to choose for him how to spend his money.

Please see taxpayer sovereignty or “tax choice” on Wikipedia to see what we are talking about.

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