your private baking Service

Honesty and integrity is at our core!

We wake n' bake, you profit n' vote!

Communication one on one

See your XTZ rewards grow

Payments each cycle thanks to TRD software

Honest Baking Service

We are dedicated bakers and we want the best for our delegators. If you wish to join please contact us! 

Enjoy a low fee and participate in the Tezos governance!

Members owning at least 5% share of our whole staking capacity will be able to participate in future Tezos governance proposals!

Our Features

7.7% static fee

We like to offer to our delegators a fee as static as possible. We won't raise it if our service becomes over-delegated in example!

99% High efficiency, and Insured by Baking bad! Risk Free!

Our infrastructure allow us to miss the least amount of bake and endorsements as possible. Your Tezzies are never at risk, we run all the risk for you! On top of that we are insured by Baking Bad so you will never lose a reward.

Paying each cycle

We believe honest bakers should pay to their delegators EACH CYCLE.

In-person therapy for the digital age.